How to Dress Like Mariah Carey

Like MC's style huh? Well here's what clothes Mariah has worn and accessories that go with her outfits. Read on and dress like MC!


Anaheim 2009 Outfit

  1. Put on black knee highs. Dress%20Like%20Mariah%20Carey%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Wear a sparkly black top that you tie just below the breasts in the front. It should also have a hood on it.Dress%20Like%20Mariah%20Carey%20Step%202.jpg

A Second Outfit

  1. Wear faded jeans with blotches of gold glitter. Dress%20Like%20Mariah%20Carey%20Step%203.jpg
  2. Put on a brown leather jacket that shows your bust and about an inch and a half of your stomach. Dress%20Like%20Mariah%20Carey%20Step%204.jpg

A Third Outfit

  1. Wear gold shorts. Dress%20Like%20Mariah%20Carey%20Step%205.jpg
  2. Put on a gold top that ties just below the breast. Dress%20Like%20Mariah%20Carey%20Step%206.jpg

A Fourth Outfit

  1. Wear jeans. Dress%20Like%20Mariah%20Carey%20Step%207.jpg
  2. Put on a brown top that shows an inch and a half of your stomachDress%20Like%20Mariah%20Carey%20Step%208.jpg
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