How to Dress Like Matt Witiuk

Skateboarding legend Matt Witiuk is not only know for his radical moves but also for his fashion sense. Today you will learn how to dress like the gnarly skater Matt Witiuk.



  1. We will go from head to toe. Starting with hats. Matt likes to wear "five pannel" hats his five panel of choice being a supreme box logo (supreme is a skateboard shop based in New York). If you don't like the look of five panel hats Matt also likes to wear bucket hats.
  2. Glasses. Matt has been seen wear sunglasses he says his favourite are a pair of Vans sunglasses he received as a gift when he started driving.


  1. Jackets. Matt loves "coach jackets" or collard windbreakers his favorite being from Sk8 Skates his local skateboard shop growing up.
  2. Shirts. Matt likes many shirts including Tie-dye tees, OFWGKTA tees, Hawaiian shirts, 3/4 sleeves, and basically any tee made by a skateboard company. Matt also like Sk8 Skates sweaters and Spokane Chiefs sweaters.


  1. Pants. Matt wears flood pants or khakis there's not much more too know. Color wise you can get navy blue or beige pants. If you can not see you socks cuff you pants.


  1. Socks. Your socks must be visible with your flood pants on or when you pants are cuffed.
  2. Shoe. Matt likes the smallest shoes his favourites are Vans slip-ons and converse Cts pros.


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