How to Dress Like Morgana Pendragon from Merlin

Welcome to Lady Morgana's style guide. If you are interested on how to dress like her, then I'd suggest you keep reading.


"Good" Morgana

  1. Good Morgana dresses like a princess(series1-3). Light make-up and wavy/curly hair.Dress%20Like%20Morgana%20Pendragon%20from%20Merlin%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Wear your hair in a low pony-tail or down - maybe curl it slightly . Dress%20Like%20Morgana%20Pendragon%20from%20Merlin%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Velvet gowns, maybe in deep purples or greens, would be perfect. Gowns should fit your body shape, not to tight, not too loose. As for the sleeves, , they should be loose and hang down to your knee.Dress%20Like%20Morgana%20Pendragon%20from%20Merlin%20Step%203.jpg
  4. If you want to make it more special, wear a Capote too. It should be big enough to cover you all and the material should be shiny, not sparkly.Dress%20Like%20Morgana%20Pendragon%20from%20Merlin%20Step%204.jpg

"Evil" Morgana

  1. Evil Morgana dresses like a witch(series4-5). She has pale and dark, contrasting makeup and looks pretty thin. The dark makeup is mostly around her eyes.Her hair is quite messy and backcombed with two sections pulled from the front and tied together at the back.Dress%20Like%20Morgana%20Pendragon%20from%20Merlin%20Step%205.jpg
  2. Wear dark gowns, preferably matching to your hair. Gowns should not have much details so keep it simple. .Dress%20Like%20Morgana%20Pendragon%20from%20Merlin%20Step%206.jpg
  3. 7. I'd also advice you to wear a capote matching the gown(simple and dark colours).Dress%20Like%20Morgana%20Pendragon%20from%20Merlin%20Step%207.jpg
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