How to Dress Like Mr. Gum

Mr. Gum is the main character in Andy Stanton's award-winning series, described as a dirty, mean old man. Read this article to learn how to dress up as him, whether for Halloween, a party, or just for fun!


  1. Find a fake beard. Mr. Gum's beard is an orange, dirty mess; look for the ugliest orange beard in the store! You can add tangles by twisting a comb back and forth through it; if you want to make it even uglier, you can add dirt or little black puff balls.Dress%20Like%20Mr.%20Gum%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Choose a hat. Mr. Gum's hat is tall and molded; you can purchase a tall brown hat and try to shape it into the curving style Mr. Gum's has. You can rub it in dirt or add some other unpleasant scent to make it smell bad.Dress%20Like%20Mr.%20Gum%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Find a coat. Mr. Gum's coat is brown and quite dirty; you might be able to find one in a thrift store, or ask your parents or grandparents.Dress%20Like%20Mr.%20Gum%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Get the rest of your outfit. You will need a:
    • Shirt or sweater; it should be green and dirty.Dress%20Like%20Mr.%20Gum%20Step%204Bullet1.jpg
    • Pants; grey and dirty.Dress%20Like%20Mr.%20Gum%20Step%204Bullet2.jpg
    • Shoes; these should be brown, dirty, and worn out.Dress%20Like%20Mr.%20Gum%20Step%204Bullet3.jpg
  5. Consider adding makeup or dirt to your face. Mr. Gum's face is dirty and brownish, so you might want to add some brown makeup or smudges of dirt to your face.Dress%20Like%20Mr.%20Gum%20Step%205.jpg


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