How to Dress Like Mrs. Claus

Great! You have been invited to a Christmas party and want to be Mrs. Claus. You can't find the right size or style and your stuck with the idea or making your own. Hopeful this article will make you the best Mrs. Claus in town!


  1. Google Images and find the perfect Mrs. Claus outfit. Make sure you print it out. If you can't find one, draw a costume out! But remember its Mrs. Claus, not Miss. Claus.
  2. Label it. Red skirt? Red dress? White tights? Black boots? Santa hat? White fluffy stuff that you can buy from a craft shop to put around the rims and seams of clothing? Red blazer? Do you want a sack? Candy cane? Jewellery? Make up? Wig (you might need grey hair)? Label it all on.
  3. Now make a shopping list of things you need to buy (you labels will help).
  4. Next up, SHOPPING! !! Take your list and buy everything you need, don't forget a needle and thread if you don't have any and need it. Be careful to buy the right size, and nothing to expensive.
  5. Once you get home, try everything on. Make sure it fits, looks right, comfy, etc.
  6. Make any changes to your outfit. Maybe you need that extra item, need to sew on the white fluffy stuff.
  7. When all changes are done, try it on again. With make up and everything.
  8. And ta-da! You should (hopefully) look like Mrs. Claus. If not, keep changing your outfit to make it look just right.
  9. Or find one on the internet if you don't have the time.



Things You'll Need

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