How to Dress Like My Chemical Romance

Wanting to look like a member of My Chemical Romance? Want to look like a rock star? Want to look a little on the dark side? Follow these steps to do just that.


  1. <b>Keep black in mind. </b> If your parents aren't very fond of that color, try something similar like dark navy. For what to buy, try something simple at first like a black polo, a tie, a belt and a pair of dark skinny, skin-tight jeans. They don't have to be expensive.Dress%20Like%20My%20Chemical%20Romance%20Step%201.jpg
  2. <b>Wear a tie with your polo shirt. </b> Believe me, it looks good. If you're going for the Black Parade look, get a black and white striped tie. For Three Cheers, use red. For their first album, don't bother with a tie.Dress%20Like%20My%20Chemical%20Romance%20Step%202.jpg
  3. <b>Look at photos of the band! </b> It can help you decide on the look you want.Dress%20Like%20My%20Chemical%20Romance%20Step%203.jpg
  4. <b>Wear Converse. </b> It's a classic look. Vans would go well too, depending on what you're wearing with them.Dress%20Like%20My%20Chemical%20Romance%20Step%204.jpg
  5. <b>Wear band shirts. </b> They don't make you look like the band, but you can be sure people will recognize you as a fan. Bands such as Metallica, Iron maiden and AC-DC would look awesome. Wash them a few times so they look a little worn out. Don't wear the weird brand, ripping off band shirts; they make you look trashy.Dress%20Like%20My%20Chemical%20Romance%20Step%205.jpg
  6. <b>Apply some black eyeliner! </b> It looks great on girls, and occasionally on boys if used right. Some pale red eyeshadow would also work if you're going for the Three Cheers look. Be careful if you're a guy, because putting too much make-up on might make you look a bit like a transvestite.Dress%20Like%20My%20Chemical%20Romance%20Step%206.jpg
  7. <b>You don't have to be emo to be a MCR person. </b> MCR have stated themselves that their music style should not be considered emo. Bear in mind though, emos don't necessarily cut themselves or commit suicide, so if you get called emo, it doesn't really matter. Don't get too stressed.Dress%20Like%20My%20Chemical%20Romance%20Step%207.jpg
  8. <b>Think originality. </b> You don't want to totally rip off the MCR guys. People will only take you as a poser. Put a few things which you think looks good with what you're wearing.Dress%20Like%20My%20Chemical%20Romance%20Step%208.jpg
  9. <b>Cut your hair like a member of the band (Gerard's probably best). </b> Bring a photo of the hairstyle you want to your stylist, to avoid hair mishaps.Dress%20Like%20My%20Chemical%20Romance%20Step%209.jpg
  10. <b>If you wear uniforms at a school</b> then just ask your principal if you can change your hair a certain way or dye it. If you can't do that then just wear a bunch of cool accessories that show you're a music fan but also show yourself.Dress%20Like%20My%20Chemical%20Romance%20Step%2010.jpg
  11. <b>You are still you, whatever happens. </b> Your personality will not change with your look. If you cut yourself, you're suicidal, not a fan. If you're a preppy kid, stay like one on the inside. If you do change, it only makes you look like a poser. People will notice.Dress%20Like%20My%20Chemical%20Romance%20Step%2011.jpg



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