How to Dress Like Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman has such an iconic style, one that really is timeless and manages to be both pretty and practical. Even on a low budget, you'll be amazed how you too can take that classic look and make it your own.


  1. Modesty. Portman never has to show her midriff, cleavage or even her knees a lot of the time. This look is classy, not trashy, so ditch anything that screams "teen bimbo" and say hello to "Ms Grown-up".Dress%20Like%20Natalie%20Portman%20Step%201%20Version%203.jpg
  2. Mix it up a bit. Depending on the situation, the fabulous Ms Portman can often add a bit of rock glamour, country style or fifties chic. However, she always has a base style on which to build, which is helpful because it can show what your base personality truly is.Dress%20Like%20Natalie%20Portman%20Step%202%20Version%203.jpg
  3. Accessories matter. Portman's style is always topped off with something extra. She regularly sports a necklace to pull together an outfit, or a casual hat or sunglasses to pull together a day look. Don't just stop at a basic dress or pants and top combo, really make the look work by adding accessories.Dress%20Like%20Natalie%20Portman%20Step%203%20Version%203.jpg
  4. Don't be afraid to hunt for specialised pieces. One of the things that many people adore about Portman's style is that she really is one of a kind. Think about it. You can't achieve that by buying the first thing you see in the shop that everyone goes to. Hunt around, haunt speciality or even second-hand shops, don't be afraid to take time to find what really makes you smile.Dress%20Like%20Natalie%20Portman%20Step%204%20Version%203.jpg
  5. Don't be held back by what you've always done. Here you should all know this article talking about hair. If you've had the same style since time began, don't be afraid to chop it off. Go for something different, yet something that is completely you.Dress%20Like%20Natalie%20Portman%20Step%205%20Version%203.jpg
  6. And finally, don't let clothes be the centre of your life. Portman's true style comes from the fact that she has so many other things working in her favour, it's really more like the icing on top of the cake. You shouldn't feel guilty if you enjoy spending the day in comfortable clothes and only dress up like a fashion queen when you're going out. After all, fashion is meant to be fun.Dress%20Like%20Natalie%20Portman%20Step%206%20Version%203.jpg


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