How to Dress Like Olivia Vertigo from Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors

Although not as popular as Harry Potter, the Charlie Bone books are really cool also. This is a how-to for making an Olivia Vertigo costume.


  1. When Olivia is her normal self, she dresses in crazy clothes and dyes her hair. But in "The Castle of Mirrors", she suddenly becomes "normal" after failing her audition.Dress%20Like%20Olivia%20Vertigo%20from%20Charlie%20Bone%20and%20the%20Castle%20of%20Mirrors%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Dress in a big, white T-shirt and black jeans. Wear scuffed white sneakers and a dirty-looking face.Dress%20Like%20Olivia%20Vertigo%20from%20Charlie%20Bone%20and%20the%20Castle%20of%20Mirrors%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Olivia has "short, mouse-brown hair" and although it is usually blue or green, once she fails her audition, she gives up on it. Dress%20Like%20Olivia%20Vertigo%20from%20Charlie%20Bone%20and%20the%20Castle%20of%20Mirrors%20Step%203.jpg


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