How to Dress Like Rachel Green (from Friends)

How to dress like Rachel Green


Dont try to be her just try to wear her

  1. Don't wanna be Rachel just try to dress like her. Then be yourself.
  2. Go to a store an all denim store. She wears a lot of denim.
  3. Buy a denim tie up shirt so you can wear a white shirt underneath
  4. Buy a denim sleeveless jean jacket so you can wear it with a black sexy elegant dress under it with a messy bun
  5. Buy a denim jumper! I love jumpers so does Rachel and maybe a denim vest
  6. Buy a couple of those denim shirts and maybe some in different colors
  7. like black

Sexy Elegance skin showing Rachel

  1. Rachel showed some skin in the show too sooo. ..
  2. Go to a store like Forever 21 or H&M or something
  3. Buy a pencil skirt, a sweater and denim jeans; maybe a black and white dress kinda housewife-ish.
  4. A lot of denim jeans
  5. A lot of crop tops Rachel wears a lot of crop tops
  6. She also does tie up shirts with the belly out so i suggest u buy those too

Dresses And kiddy

  1. Rachel kinda dressed in a kiddish way but sexier
  2. A black dress
  3. Long skirt
  4. Buy a front butt denim skirt
  5. Black long sleeve with black pants
  6. Floor length vest
  7. Different color overalls
  8. Flannel sheet turned skirt

Vests Sweaters and Jackets

  1. A lot of this is denim so sit back and relax
  2. Grandma sweaters
  3. Bolero Jacket
  4. Denim Peasant Blouse
  5. Olive green sweater
  6. Floor length sleeveless sweater
  7. patterned denim vest
  8. Light blue denim and dark blue denim


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