How to Dress Like Ron Weasley from Harry Potter

Everyone loves Harry Potter, but how about his loyal sidekick, Ron Weasley? Ron is a main character in the popular book series. He's funny, loyal, and can sometimes even be clever! Read on to find some tips on how to be like him.


  1. Copy Ron's hair. If you already have red hair, it's a bit easier. Otherwise, use a wig or even temporary hair dye.Dress%20Like%20Ron%20Weasley%20from%20Harry%20Potter%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Wear a robe for the school look. Dress%20Like%20Ron%20Weasley%20from%20Harry%20Potter%20Step%202.jpg
  3. Keep casual. You may prefer to wear a sweater - make sure it looks very homemade and lumpy. If you can, add a big "R" to the sweater. Also wear jeans and tennis shoes. Again, this is part of Ron's casual look.Dress%20Like%20Ron%20Weasley%20from%20Harry%20Potter%20Step%203.jpg


Things You'll Need

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