How to Dress Like Russman from Black Ops II

Russman is a most mysterious character. He is senile, paranoid, and forgetful. Altogether, hilarious! This article will help you cosplay the crazy zombie slayer, Russman.


  1. Get a white t-shirt. An old grubby one, preferably.
  2. Get a dark plaid overcoat. Or a jacket. It doesn't matter which. Leave it open; don't button/zip it up.
  3. Get some old tattered jeans. Not necessarily in shreds, but at least visibly old and worn. Roll the pant legs up a bit.
  4. Get a red sneaker and a boot. Russman has the appearance of a homeless man (which he most likely was).
  5. Unless you are willing to shave your head, I suggest you find a bald cap which suits Russman's side hair. You can also use spray hair-dye to temporarily dye your hair white.


Things You'll Need

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