How to Dress Like Sam Axe

Sam Axe is an ex-Navy SEAL, Michael's unspoken sidekick, and a complete boozehound. Nevertheless, he is a comical character in Burn Notice, being quite the ladies' man. This article will help you to dress like Sam Axe.


  1. Get the hair. This is an important part. Comb your hair so it's light and airy. Comb it up and back. If necessary, put in some hair gel.
  2. Find a button-up sleeveless shirt. Preferably tropical, considering that Sam likes to make the most of Miami.
  3. Find a pair of khaki slacks. Sam almost never wears anything besides khakis, unless on a mission with Michael. Khaki shorts work just as well.
  4. Wear sandals. Sam wears always wear them, unless he is required otherwise.


Things You'll Need

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