How to Dress Like Samuel from Black Ops II

Old Samuel J. Stuhlinger. A former reporter gone mad after a zombie apocalypse took over our world. A bit of a conspiracy theorist. A zombie slayer. This article revolves around creating a successful Samuel cosplay.


  1. Put on a sleeveless white undershirt.
  2. Get a dark red button-up shirt. Button it up, except for the collar. Roll the sleeves up to your elbows.
  3. Get an olive green vest. A fishing vest is preferable. Throw it over the red shirt.
  4. Get a pair of glasses. Preferably some old scrappy ones. It helps if you can find some bulky, thick glasses.
  5. Get a pair of khaki shorts. Cargo shorts work as well, as long as they're tan.
  6. Wear brown shoes over black tube socks. They can be any general kind of shoe.


Things You'll Need

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