How to Dress Like Sean Lennon

Sean%20Lennon.jpgYou've probably seen pictures of Sean's very dapper style, and here are a few tips to emulate said style.


  1. Look through your closet so see what you have some nice dress shirts or pants, and some random blazers--keep them.
    • Sean's style can apply for both men and women (continue reading for details)
      • MEN You should have
        • A nice blazer. It would be best if it's solid black, grey, white, olive green or pinstripe
        • A few nice pairs of dress pants, possibly to match one of the blazers. This doesn't mean you have to, though.
        • Striped shirts are a given, as well as white ones
        • Vests, either black, brown or gray are nice additions, with or without the blazer
        • SWEATERS are always posh looking
        • A nice plain or patterned tie is always a good accessory
        • If you want--a fedora is good too
    • WOMEN-You should have
      • * Again, a blazer, possibly a fitted one, but loose works too.
        • Nice blouses or dress shirts, solid or not
        • Again, dress pants or drains (better known as "drain-pipes") may work
        • This is just dressing posh--don't be afraid of the skirt--pencil or bohemian works nicely.
        • Again, sweaters and vest. With the occasional sweater-vest.
        • The fedora tops off nicely.
        • For shoes-Just wear a pair of nice, black dress shoes most of the time. If you are to go more casual, go for a pair of Vans Classics or chucks.
  2. Work on your hair
    • MEN
      • Have your hair pretty long, and have it look like you haven't brushed it.
    Simple solution-don't. Also, try for some facial hair.
  3. WOMEN
    • Just have it kind of curly/wavy. You shouldn't get a man's hair cut.



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