How to Dress Like Shiloh (Canadian Singer)

Hey guys, here I am going to show you how to dress and do your hair/make up like Shiloh!


  1. 1. based on her 'operator' music video, you'd want to have your hair black with a dark red streak at the front (on your side fringe.) her hair is just shorter than shoulder length. For the make up, you really want a lot of black eyeliner and eye shadow! simply draw a thick black line (following the eye!) under your eye and above you eyelashes. Now carefully blend with black eyeshadow on the bottom and for the top, you want a bright red eyeshadow too. Have the red on the inner side and the black on the outer side. make sure you blend! Add mascara to both top and bottom lashes.
  2. 2. For the clothes, grab a music band tee (with heaps of detailing) and have red and black stripy sleeves underneath. wear denim 3/4 pants with the bottoms rolled up. Now you need some cool goth shoes with big soles!
  3. 3. This next Shiloh look is from her 'Alright' music video. Find a blue blouse with vertical stripes, and make sure the stripes are a darker shade!) wear undone. have a band tee shirt underneath. or, just have a top with lips on it and writing. For the pants, you'll want those goth/punk suspender pants with buckles and zips etc. wear skate/goth shoes. Have your hair as before.
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