How to Dress Like Sleeping Beauty for Halloween (Teen Girls)

It's Halloween coming up and you want to dress up like your favorite Disney princess - Sleeping Beauty. Well the thing is that you are a teen and you don't want anyone making fun of you. So you can dress up like her in a teen-Y way and show off that cuteness you have for a Sleeping Beauty.


  1. Lose some pounds. Sleeping Beauty was tall and thin; so you have to become thin to fit in her role.
  2. Become acne free. Sleeping Beauty had clear skin; drink a lot of water' apply honey on face morning and evening, and have no dark circles.
  3. Have clear glowing skin like her. Sleeping Beauty actually had very light pink skin, which brings glow, because of a boon. But we normal girls don't have fairies to give us boons, so don't get tanned too much and apply as much sunscreen as you can.
  4. Don't worry about the hair color. Sleeping Beauty was blonde.  If you are blonde, well and good. But if aren't don't go crazy on coloring your hair or buying a blonde wig. You can look good in black, brown, red, hazel...etc. hair too.
  5. Be in the same haircut in which you are currently. Because Sleeping Beauty had an ancient cut and if you have that cut you will look crazy.
  6. Buy a pink skirt. The skirt's length can vary on your which, from knee length to mini to micro minis. DON'T go for long skirts, you will look like a nun.
  7. Buy a contrasting top (it can be also pink). Let the top be a bit tight. You can even buy a crop top or even wear a blouse! Go in tank-ini or a bikini top if you are comfortable!
  8. Don't wear a gown. You don't want to look like a complete adult.
  9. For makeup follow the steps given below:
    • Apply foundation on your face.
    • Apply concealer on your under eyes, chin, and side nose.
    • Apply red/pink blush on your apples.
    • Apply light pink eyeshadow- very little, spreading outwards.
    • light pink/rose pink lipstick
    • mascara with eye liner
    • lip gloss (optional).
  10. For accessories follow:
    • golden bangs in ears
    • golden side tiara(optional/but this is what ¬†Sleeping Beauty is recognized for)
    • plain golden necklace/chain
    • a red rose (just to carry around with you)
    • (optional) Sleeping Beauty has Prussian blue eyes. So you can buy eye contacts of blue color.
  11. For hair, leave them open and straighten the top but curl at the bottom.
  12. Walk with some pride and sway. Learn some good songs and sing melodiously.


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