How to Dress Like Sofi

381306_305771976129640_131140823592757_938879_2061075754_n.jpgSofia Toufa, known professionally as SOFI or Some Other Female Interest, has a unique style that is fun to channel. Read on to learn how to get the look!



  1. Get many hooded items; hooded sweaters, hooded shirts, hooded dresses, etc. These items should not be plain; SOFI's hoodies are usually flowy, printed, acid washed, bedazzled in some way, and/or have large hoods.
  2. Wear jackets. Fur, leather, sequined, tailored, denim, leather, colorful, and with bold patterns such as checks and hounds-tooth are all good choices.
  3. Layer things, like a colorful corset over a tank top over a lace shirt.
    • Sofi's shirts are usually fitted, short-sleeved, and sometimes V-necked. She sometimes wears shirts that she designed, or with her face or her music-producing friends on them.
  4. Wear very tight and sparkly, shiny, or velvety pants.
  5. If you're wearing shorts, it's best if they have short legs and high waists.
  6. Printed tunics are good too.


  1. Wear beanie and fedora hats.
  2. If you're wearing glasses, wear Ray-Ban style frames.
  3. On SOFI's feet, you will see lots of Louboutin, or leather or studded boots. She is in love with Louboutin.
  4. She wears folded bandanas in her hair sometimes.
  5. SOFI doesn't wear necklaces very often. If you want to wear a necklace, do something really basic or really bold.
  6. Wear fingerless gloves.
  7. If you have a nostril piercing, wear thin rings or small studs with clear stones.


  1. SOFI has an asymmetric bob hair cut, straightened and parted dramatically to the left.
  2. Her hair is currently black, but she used to have pink chunks in it.


  1. Wear cat-eye eyeliner.
  2. Wear eyeliner all around your eye, moderately thick. Make sure you don't look like a raccoon.
  3. Wear a thin line of brightly colored eyeshadow above the eyeliner, if you want.
  4. Wear bold lipstick, such as in red, lavender, and dark purple. SOFI also sometimes wears nude lip color.


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