How to Dress Like Spencer Hastings the Affordable Way

Spencer Hastings has great style, and is envied by everyone, so it's natural to want to be like her. Well the problem with that is not everyone can afford it so here's the affordable way.



  1. You don't have to spend a ton of money on skin. There are many cheap and affordable skin care products like, Clean and Clear, Neutrogena, and there are also many good articles in the wikiHow Skin Care category. Do not use proactive, it is rumored to addict your skin to it, not good.Dress%20Like%20Spencer%20Hastings%20the%20Affordable%20Way%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Cleanse, fight, moisturize. Three simple steps to great skin. First buy a cleanser, not for acne, just a cleanser, then a face wash that fights acne, and last but so not least, moisturize with the moisturizer of your choice, but make sure it is for your face, hypoallergenic, and unscented.Dress%20Like%20Spencer%20Hastings%20the%20Affordable%20Way%20Step%202.jpg


  1. Get green contacts if you wish. In the books it often describes Spencer's eyes as green, although this is not an extremely important part of her appearance, it is definitely worth adding.Dress%20Like%20Spencer%20Hastings%20the%20Affordable%20Way%20Step%203.jpg


  1. Keep fit. Although everyone is built differently, and beautifully, Spencer is described to be very fit. Join a country club, and eat pretty healthy. You don't have to go on a turbo crash diet, just watch out.Dress%20Like%20Spencer%20Hastings%20the%20Affordable%20Way%20Step%204.jpg


  1. Spencer is very preppy clothes wise, pencil skirts, blouses, polos, etc. Look up pictures of "preppy outfits" and try imitating those with cheaper things.Dress%20Like%20Spencer%20Hastings%20the%20Affordable%20Way%20Step%205.jpg
  2. Be discerning with your clothes choices. Occasionally you may find a polo or something Spencer at Aeropostale, or Abercrombie, however some of their stuff is tight, skimpy, and faddy. That is not whatsoever okay. Shop at places you normally do, and keep your eyes out out for anything preppy, or that looks expensive, but for Christmas, your birthday, or any others special occasion ask for thing from Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, and other "classically preppy" stores.Dress%20Like%20Spencer%20Hastings%20the%20Affordable%20Way%20Step%206.jpg


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