How to Dress Like Taemin from Shinee

Taemin is a Kpop star from Shinee he is about 22 years old and the company he is from is SM town. His gender is a boy and to get started put lots of makeup if you're not Korean.


  1. First you'll need to put lots of concealer to cover your pimples.
  2. Put lots of foundation to make you much whiter and paler.
  3. Put some eyeliner, very thin eyeliner because kpop boys don't put it too strong.
  4. After you got all the makeup done, pick ripped jeans, white t-shirt,red shoes, and a cardigan that matches to put around your waist.
  5. After all that you are finally done, if you want to look more like Teaman wear a wig. Go ahead and sing along to your favorite songs of Shinee.


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