How to Dress Like Taiga Aisaika from Toradora

You always wanted to be Taiga? Well here you go and dress like Taiga!!!


  1. Or if you already have brown hair, just cut a front bang or side bang
    • Get a light brown wig
  2. Get the uniforms!
    • You can buy the summer uniform, the winter uniform or the sailor suit on eBay!
  3. Try to act like Taiga
    • you have to act like a Tsundere or if your personality is just like a Tsundere, then your good.
  4. act mean first but then nice and loveable!
  5. Get the socks
    • The socks are thigh high.
    But if you have black stretchy socks, then try to stretch it
  6. You don't have to buy thigh high socks. they can be knee high also!
  7. Buy black or brown shoes
    • Try to buy mary janes, or flats to have the Taiga look!
  8. Get the style and your done!
  9. Your done!



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