How to Dress Like Vicky T from Cobra Starship

Vicky-T Asher, Keytarist and back-up singer for power-pop group Cobra Starship, is known not only for being one of the few females in the genre, but for her style as well. She manages to look very fashion forward while also dressing in a way that suits the stage. Find out how you can imitate her sweet style.


  1. The key is dresses. Vicky-T says that they are her favorite thing to wear, and she is mostly seen in them. They are normally more casual, mini-dresses instead of longer maxi dresses. Aim for a more colorful dress that's casual enough to be worn anywhere. Try some strapless, short-sleeve, and tank dresses. Vicky-T normally doesn't wear long-sleeved dresses.
  2. Tights are important. Since Vicky-T is onstage and likes to cover up a bit considering that she wears mini-dresses, tights are a good way to do this. They can be sheer, patterned, solid, ripped, or even thigh highs. Make sure that the tight somewhat match the dress so that it doesn't clash.
  3. Get covered. Often, Vicky-T wears structured jackets over strapless dresses for a little more coverage and warmth during colder months. Cropped jackets, fitted blazers, and even cardigans are great for this look.
  4. Wear big sunglasses. Though they are worn mainly for photo-shoots, this will help pull together the look. They aren't worn inside for the risk of looking ridiculous.
  5. Wear lots of heels or flats. Some sneakers are acceptable as she wears them at shows, but Vicky-T is rarely seen in them, so go for a chunky heel (no stilettos!) in solid bright colors. No additional straps or buckles are needed and nothing too flashy.
  6. Be feminine, but not overly-so. Vicky-T wears dresses in a variety of colors often, so stock up on casual solid and patterned dresses. She's not usually seen in long dresses or anything extremely formal. The best length is just above the knee or just below the butt (this look is best with LEGGINGS or TIGHTS!). Do not buy dresses in pastel colors or complicated patterns. A simple polka-dot will do, but not in garish colors.
  7. Shop at the right places. Vicky-T has said that her favorite places to buy dresses are Top Shop, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and If these stores are too highly priced for you to afford, try Forever 21 or They have many cute dresses that are very similar to Vicky-T's for more affordable prices.



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