How to Dress Like You Attend Shiz University

BroadwayShizScene_39.jpgShiz University is the school Elphaba and Glinda attend in the musical Wicked. This article will give you tips on how to imitate the clothing worn by Shiz students. It is useful to know that the school colors of Shiz are blue and white.


  1. Remember that the school colors are navy blue and white, and stripes are in.
  2. Try to find a navy blue collared jacked with the collar lined in white.
  3. If you're a boy, find navy blue pants. If you're a girl, try a navy blue skirt.
  4. Learn about asymmetry. Asymmetry is in at Shiz University. For example, if you wear a tie, put it a bit off center. Note:ties are very popular


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