How to Dress Like Your Personality

This is how to dress like yourself. Whether your personality is sporty, girly, outgoing,or imaginative, this has it all!


  1. Find your personality. If you are outgoing with a touch of girlishness, you might like to try a short jean skirt, leggings, and a long tee shirt.
  2. Find a store with your style. The stores for me are JC Penny and Kohl's. If the store for you is to expensive, try to find your own clothes and add accessories to compliment your style. Like if your personality is 'girly', but you don't have anything to compliment that style. Try to get a tee shirt,ribbon, and a fashion belt. Tie the ribbons from the beginnings of the sleeves to the collar giving them a ruffled look. Then put the fashion belt around your stomach.
  3. Try to experiment with different styles. It doesn't hurt to go out of your comfort zone once in a while.
  4. Have fun with your amazing style! You won't regret how you complimented your personality and your style!



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