How to Dress Like a Berserker

dress%20like%20a%20berserker%20Intro.jpgBerserkers were viking warriors who were famed and feared for their recklessness and for being the most barbaric and feared warriors of all time. Now you dress like a berserker for Halloween or special dress event. Don't forget to add the crazy sound effects as you go!


  1. Purchase some fake fur. Buy enough fake fur to reach from your head to your knees. Preferably it'll be like wolf fur or bear fur.
  2. Go to your local party store and visit the Halloween or fancy dress section. Buy a wolf or a bear mask that is like a hat since it shouldn't cover your whole face
  3. Sew them to connect the mask to the fake fur. Then make two small holes in the fur so you can add string to make it into a cape.
  4. Construct a tomahawk. Use heavy duty cardboard for the design of a tomahawk. Paint with silver paint for the metallic part and a black handle.
  5. Make a shield. Use heavy duty cardboard to make a shield. Paint viking designs onto the shield.
  6. Do a little brief training before heading to the party. Practice running and screaming like a madman. Wield the fake tomahawk and shield wildly, as a berserker would. Then get out there and go berserk!


Things You'll Need

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