How to Dress Like a Casual Trendsetter for School

A teens guide to getting ready for the school year. The trick is to go shopping for things you can wear with almost any outfit. Things that won't go out of style for awhile, but you can still feel like a trendsetter in.


  1. First of all, you need to get a few T-shirts. Look for graphic tees with animals and your favourite musical artists on them. Animals such as wolves or cheetahs are neat because they show bravery, and birds are nice because they show freedom. I would also pick a shirt with some sort of positive slogan too, such as 'love', or 'peace'. Some good places to get these are:, Urban Outfitters, or a skate brand, such as Element or Billabong. Try not to get tees that advertise brands too much because they go out of style fast. Also, try Gap for basics, like layering tanks, and Delia's for more patterned, fun T-shirts.Dress%20Like%20a%20Casual%20Trendsetter%20for%20School%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Next, you need to get a few tank tops. These you can go crazy with because a person never has enough tanks. Be careful with price, however; don't over pay. And some tank essentials might be a floral lace tank, a neon sporty tank, and/or a white, blouse-like spaghetti strap tank.Dress%20Like%20a%20Casual%20Trendsetter%20for%20School%20Step%202.jpg
  3. A jean jacket. These will never go out of style. Get a simple one that's not too 'worn' looking, because you are going to do that yourself. Make sure your jean jacket is a size too big, because you don't want to outgrow it too fast. Also, don't worry about spending too much, because you don't want to get a cheap jacket that will fall apart fast. A good place to look might be H&M, or American Eagle.Dress%20Like%20a%20Casual%20Trendsetter%20for%20School%20Step%203.jpg
  4. A Long Sleeve Cardigan. This can be in grey, tan or brown, but make sure it is comfortable. This will serve a purpose for those not-quite-nice-enough days.Dress%20Like%20a%20Casual%20Trendsetter%20for%20School%20Step%204.jpg
  5. A comfortable pair of sweatpants. Make sure they have an adjustable waist and thick fleece inside. Yes, the baggy type with the closed bottoms.Dress%20Like%20a%20Casual%20Trendsetter%20for%20School%20Step%205.jpg
  6. Two pairs of jeans - your classic skinnies, and flare jeans. Obviously, buy as many as you need, and in any wash that suits you best.Dress%20Like%20a%20Casual%20Trendsetter%20for%20School%20Step%206.jpg
  7. Sneakers. Converse hightops, Keds, Vans, and colorful flats are popular.Dress%20Like%20a%20Casual%20Trendsetter%20for%20School%20Step%207.jpg
  8. Sunglasses. Heart shaped, 'nerd' style, and aviators are all very popular.Dress%20Like%20a%20Casual%20Trendsetter%20for%20School%20Step%208.jpg
  9. Finally, a watch. Though almost everyone has a cell phone to check the time with now, these are still classy. Popular are G-shocks, and very colorful fun watches.Dress%20Like%20a%20Casual%20Trendsetter%20for%20School%20Step%209.jpg


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