How to Dress Like a Caterpillar

A caterpillar costume can be useful for a range of reasons, including a role in a play, fancy dress and Halloween dressing up. It's a simple costume that looks very effective when put together.


  1. Assemble all of the items that will go into making your caterpillar look. Most importantly, either purchase a cheap green sleeping bag or repurpose one you no longer want (dye it green if needed), as you will need to cut a hole for your head in it. You might find a cheap sleeping bag in a thrift store or through an online auction site. You'll also need green clothing and a green hat.
    • Dye the sleeping bag green, if needed, before you begin the costume dressing. Allow for a day or two for dyeing and drying the bag. Follow the dye instructions and work in a place where it's okay to leave stains.
  2. Make a head hole at the base of the sleeping bag. Either unpick or cut the end, making the hole large enough for your head to pop through. If you do cut it, you'll need to stitch it to prevent fraying or further unraveling. Alternatively, use fabric glue to stop fraying.
  3. Dress up in the green clothing and sleeping bag. Dress as follows:
    • Green top
    • Green trousers
    • Green sleeping bag
    • Green socks or tights
    • Green shoes. If you don't have green shoes, use black or brown ones.
  4. Add antennae to a headband. Place this over the green hat. Ideas for antennae include:
    • Use springs with ping pong balls attached.
    • Use green pipe cleaners curled up at one end.
    • Make paper stalks for antennae.
  5. Consider adding green face paint to make your face look like a caterpillar's too.
  6. Act like a caterpillar. Hop about, roll and slither and generally behave like a caterpillar. You can munch on some green leaves too, for effect.



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