How to Dress Like a Cool Nerd

Nerds these days are looking cooler. Well, some do, but the ever classic "messy haired, button up, and highwaters" is dominating. Read this article to dress like the "cool futuristic" NERD!


  1. Get yourself prepared, If you really want to do this, don't be lazy. Dress%20Like%20a%20Cool%20Nerd%20Step%201%20Version%202.jpg
  2. Get to work. Buy things like Polo's in bright, but plain colors, like yellow, green, brown, or red. Or get T-shirts with video game characters and superheroes on it, like Megaman, Mario, Superman or Sonic(there are many available at Target). Buy button up shirts (like you usually wear with school uniforms). Pinstripes are the best. If you are a girl, add random school patches on it, and sew/write your own caption under it. If you're a boy, wear a nice, plain, boring teacher tie with it (Marshalls).Dress%20Like%20a%20Cool%20Nerd%20Step%202%20Version%202.jpg
  3. Get bottoms. Wear plaid, skirts (with either plain, or multi colored), but not too long. Or you can get bright, colored Jeans (they're not like jeans, but like skinny denim leggings). Get them in, like, yellow, red, or matching your top (available at American Apparel). Wear things like leg warmers in plain argyle and plain colors. For boys, wear relax fit jeans, like Levi's, but never dark, always plain dusty colors. Or wear khakis.Dress%20Like%20a%20Cool%20Nerd%20Step%203%20Version%202.jpg
  4. Wear shoes like bright colored Mary Janes (for girls). Or for everybody, wear high top Chuck Taylor All Stars with funny laces. Make sure to get them in plaid, or optical white. Boys can wear Black or White Nike Air Forces if they want, just lace them differently.Dress%20Like%20a%20Cool%20Nerd%20Step%204%20Version%202.jpg
  5. Wear accessories like plain suspenders, or sweaters, vest, anything that looks similar to a school uniform is fine, but make it look like "you". Or wear socks with argyle and preppy plaid on them.Dress%20Like%20a%20Cool%20Nerd%20Step%205%20Version%202.jpg
  6. Sport your hair in two ponytails, with those thin scrunchies. Make them different colors, like purple and green ALWAYS work fine. Or you can sport it in one ponytail, or if you have long hair, put you hair in half, and put it at each side of your shoulders.Dress%20Like%20a%20Cool%20Nerd%20Step%206%20Version%202.jpg



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