How to Dress Like a Firefighter

Future%20Firefighter.jpgDressing like a firefighter can mean different things depending on your own interpretation but the basics are pretty much looking ready for action, looking heroic, wearing suitable colors that reflect the fire department of choice, and perhaps even having a fireman's hat. Use your creativity to develop this style into your own.


  1. Get a pair of E. M.T. Pants to wear. Try looking at pictures of firefighters online. Sometimes, you can just take a pair of khaki pants and add strips of neon duct tape.
  2. Purchase a lot of polo shirts. Iron on logos and support messages related to firefighting symbols. However, a simple blue polo shirt will do just fine with a jacket over it.
  3. Prefer colors that match the colors of the fire department that you like the most. Use the internet for more information on the actual style and colors involved.
  4. For rainy or snowy days, wear a jacket with the patch or one that says fire on it.
  5. Buy the helmet.



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