How to Dress Like a French Maid

The French maid is famous for her sexy style and attitude and is more a sex fantasy than a reality. If you are going to a party or just are interested to spice things up in bed and surprise your partner this is the guide for the perfect French maid look!


  1. Find the perfect costume. The perfect French maid dress/costume is black and white, its classic and sexy. The dress is also good at showing of your curves. Its important to go all in, don’t buy a dress that cover your body, you want to show it! Buy your costume online. Just Google “French maid dress” or “French maid costume” and find your favorite, if your don’t find the perfect dress right away try eBay!Dress%20Like%20a%20French%20Maid%20Step%201%20Version%203.jpg
  2. Get all the necessary accessories. Whatever occasion you going to use your French maid style, you need some items to really make it work. In your hair you need a bow or the typical little French maid hair accessory. You also should buy or search at home for a feather duster. Some sexy jewelry, high heels and over-knee stocking is also a must-have.Dress%20Like%20a%20French%20Maid%20Step%202%20Version%203.jpg
  3. Act like a french maid. It’s not all about the clothes. It’s also about the act. Walk sexy, be confident and have fun. If you don’t like it, don’t do it! Respect yourself whatever you do, and if you want to be a French maid in the bedroom or at the Halloween-party, rock it! If you do this for your partner, surprise him/her! Go around in the house and “clean” whit your sexy outfit on. When your partner sees you, he/she will go crazy! If it’s a party don’t be afraid to act sexy and don’t give a shit what other people say about you. A good French maid is a sexy, happy and confident woman.Dress%20Like%20a%20French%20Maid%20Step%203%20Version%203.jpg


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