How to Dress Like a Hogwarts Student

Hogwarts students, like many other students, have a school uniform they must comply to (except on their days off). If you are a Hogwarts student, or just want to look like you are one, this is the article for you.


  1. Select your house. Choose one whose traits you admire, or take an online quiz. Every single student has a house that they belong to at Hogwarts, so make sure you choose a house first thing. Each house has its own house colors, which affect the colors of the uniforms. Gryffindor's colors are red and gold, Slytherin's are green and silver, and Hufflepuff's are black and yellow. Ravenclaw's colors differ between the book and the movie – In the book, they're blue and bronze, but in the movie they're blue and silver. Although it may be tempting, trying not to pick a house based only on the color scheme – Other Harry Potter fans may judge your character based on your choice of house. (This is assuming you want a house-specific uniform, anyway – In the books, students don't actually have different uniforms. They all wear plain black robes, and wearing clothing underneath seems to be optional. If you go this route, you'll really only need to find a robe and a hat, but it'll be harder to tell you're from Hogwarts.)Dress%20Like%20a%20Hogwarts%20Student%20Step%201%20Version%202.jpg
  2. Obtain the ordinary clothing. The Hogwarts uniform has many separate components, so pretty much all of the small details are optional because it would hardly be noticeable if they were missing. Be as thorough as you want to be with this. (If you have difficulties finding some of these items in stores, remember that Google is your friend.) The items you can find in an average clothing store are:Dress%20Like%20a%20Hogwarts%20Student%20Step%202%20Version%202.jpg
    • A plain white button-up shirt
    • A dark gray knitted v-neck sweater, a cardigan or a sleeveless sweater vest (with optional house color detailing on the cuffs and the waist, as seen in the picture)
    • Dark gray trousers, or a skirt around knee-length
    • Black tights or stockings (with skirt)
    • Black shoes
    • Dark gray socks
  3. Obtain the robe. The easiest way for you to find a Hogwarts robe is to search online. If you want a serious heavy duty one it can get pretty expensive, but you can get a lower quality one for under 25 dollars. If you'd rather it look more professional than a Halloween costume, but you don't want to spend a hundred dollars on it, it may be better for you to simply buy a black robe that's unrelated to Harry Potter and alter it by sewing. It's possible to buy house patches to sew onto robes, too. (You could also attempt make your own entirely from scratch if you have a good amount of sewing ability and patience.)Dress%20Like%20a%20Hogwarts%20Student%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Obtain the accessories. Now that you've got the main parts of the costume, it's time to accessorize. (Once again, you're probably going to need to use a search engine.)Dress%20Like%20a%20Hogwarts%20Student%20Step%204%20Version%202.jpg
    • The first thing you need is your house tie. You may purchase a house tie (striped red and gold, green and silver, yellow and black or blue and bronze/silver, according to whichever house you're in) for a large variety of prices ranging from $7 to $130. Use your best judgment, see what other people think of the same product, and please don't use all your money on a tie. Remember that only the part near your neck will really be visible anyway since it'll be under your vest.
    • The second accessory you'll need is your pointed black hat. Luckily the hats aren't specifically colored, and it's very easy to find an inexpensive black witch hat in stores around Halloween, or online at other times of the year.
    • The third is your wand. Now, of course the wand isn't going to do much magic, but it can LOOK like it would! There are two ways to obtain a wand. Option one is to purchase a wand, and option two is to Make a Harry Potter Wand yourself. The second option is more work, but it's also more fun (and less expensive).



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