How to Dress Like a Humanized Manic the Hedgehog

Manic, the 2nd brother of the Sonic Underground trio, is an unforgettable character. He is a thief and pickpocket, but a reliable sibling. Read on to learn how to dress like a humanized Manic the Hedgehog.


  1. Get a green sweatshirt.
  2. Get a red-orange vest, and leave it open over the sweatshirt.
  3. Get a pair of dark green pants. If you cannot acquire any, black pants will suffice just as well.
  4. Wear some black sneakers and studded bracelets on both wrists. Wear some white gloves along with these.
  5. Wear a medallion necklace. Manic's necklace featured a drum set, but it is perfectly fine for you to use any other.


Things You'll Need

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