How to Dress Like a K Pop Star

Seeing your favorite pop star all over magazines and wishing that you were like them? There's no need to keep wishing, for you can dress like a K-pop star by following the suggestions for choosing clothes and makeup that define this style.


  1. Observe your favorite K-pop star's style. Watch videos and check out multiple pictures of your favorite stars online. Do you notice that they always wear their hair a certain way, or tend to choose one color over the other? This will help you get a feel of their overall style.
    • Keep in mind that the styles will change about every 3 months or so. K-pop idols like to keep fans on their toes, and you may opt for a few trends that have been fairly long-lasting.
  2. Find the look. After seeing what your favorite K-pop star wears, pick your favorite outfit of theirs or create one in your head. If this is an event where you want people to know who you are, you will probably be better off just wearing something that they've worn before. Remember that not all fashion will be easily accessible; remember, you are only trying to create a resemblance.
    • Most K-pop starts dress in metallic, glittery, or flashy outfits. Girls would wear shiny, blazers. Guys wear simple things such as corduroy jackets, jeans, or flashy tennis.
  3. Buy the clothes. Costumes can get pretty pricey. If you look on the internet, the basic but well made costumes can run up to $200! However, with a little extra work, you can get the clothes for a lot less. After having the outfit in mind that you want, go to a local thrift store. This may take a couple stores to go through before you find all that you need, but in the end, it will be worth it. You'll have the costume and have saved a ton of money.
  4. Remember that J-pop and K-pop are not the same thing. People tend to get these two confused.fact Choose a style of clothing that has a certain outstanding visual pattern to it. Make it more western-like. It's okay to get creative with it, but just make sure you don't go too gaudy.
  5. Choose the makeup. Makeup is very important for both guys and girls.
    • Wear eye liner. Guys can use just a little it on the outer edge of their eyes, while girls can go for edgy looks with little eyeshadow and lipstick. Sometimes the stars don't even wear any eyeshadow, so that might be your choice too.
    • For guys, try not to overdo with the foundation, instead use a light BB cream in order to get a natural-looking complexion. An eyeliner always works magic by bringing out the eyes. A bronzer may also be applied to get a tanned look. Lip gloss will work wonders to get that kissable lips that will make female fans go gaga.
    • For girls, K-pop style is usually quite showy and exaggerated, hence you need to double your makeup to get that look. Be dramatic. Be generous with the eyeliner, false lashes, mascara, foundation and more.
    • And don't be afraid to rock the glitter!
  6. Show it off. Do your make-up, put on your outfit and rock the night!



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