How to Dress Like a Konoha Shinobi from Naruto

Sharingan%202.jpgIf you're a total fan of The Hidden Leaf Village, here's the best guide to look like it!


  1. Know that a green shirt or vest is a must-have. (Unless you're dressing like a specific character.) These can be bought at Walmart, Target, or Kohl's.
  2. Learn that a cheap Leaf headband is also a necessity, since it shows your home village. These can be found at Walmart for around $8.00, or at Hot Topic 20.99.
  3. Find an old blue or black winter hat (without the fringes on the top and cut a rectangular piece of cardboard, paint it silver with the black dots on the sides, and draw the Leaf symbol in the middle. Once that's done, tie it to the hat, or try to hot-glue it on.
  4. To make a shuriken and kunai holster,first get a long strip of fabric (you can probably find some kind of athletic/injury wrap) and wrap it around your upper right leg. You should wrap it so that it is tight enough to stay on, but not so tight that it becomes uncomfortable or starts to roll up in its self. After that you need to find something to use as a holster for your weapons (ex. something someone might hold a camera in to protect it). Whatever you choose, you need to beadle to attach it to the wrap, so something that has some kind of a clip on it would work really well. Shuriken holsters can also be purchased at Walmart, Target, of online.



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