How to Dress Like a Korean Pop Star

Hello! Have you ever wanted to dress like a K-pop star? Their cute and handsome fashion sense? Well then, this article is for you!


  1. Start from the clothing. Wear unique designs (not too crazy) with patterns and shapes or maybe a plain white blouse with some 'smart' printed words.Forom_des_langues_2014_%20_Danceuses_de_Korean_Pop_(11).JPG
  2. If you're going for the bad girl, wear leather or leopard outerwear. If you're more of a seducing lady, go for bloody red. A nice glittery red dress just might go Miss_A_at_the_Korea_KPOP_World_Festival_2013.jpg
  3. Jeans or skirts, it's up to you to decide. If you have slim legs, go for the jeans! Black jeans, blue jeans are the latest! Skirts? Any colors you want, just keep it simple. Forom_des_langues_2014_%20_Danceuses_de_Korean_Pop_(7).JPG
  4. Accessories! Now for this step, you can choose anything that matches to your partially finished outfit. For example, a pink bow would go best with an adorable light pink skirt and white tank top. Belts are for the jeans! Earrings are mostly covered by your hair unless you have short hair/ hair pinned up. Wear pleasant bracelets, watches, or just go for a simple colored rubber band! Pashmina.jpg
  5. Hairstyles is for this step. If you want to dye your hair foremost, it's fine, but natural hair is the best! (Dying your hair brown or black is more pleasant.) You can cut your hair to a shorter length, (shoulders) to your chin if you're going for a mature look. A bob cat hair can also do! Most K-pop stars have that look. A messy bun, full out hair can do! Circumbraided_Donut_Bun%201.jpg
  6. High_Heels_pink.jpg Now for this step - shoes. Shoes tell others of your image to them. So don't choose the wrong shoes! A sporty shoe can go if you're going sporty for a k-pop star. Glamorous shoes for a important occasion or some shiny sandals with some pumps. Leather boots are cool (the shoe laced ones).
  7. Wear black eyeliner and some mascara. A little blush can work! (And foundation!) Check out the video for more makeup ideas! HK_TST_Harbour_City_Cosmetic_products_booth_Aug%202012.JPG
  8. Finished!




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