How to Dress Like a Light Goth

This tutorial shall hopefully show you how to dress like a goth, but not too much of a heavy one. It's slightly "emo" clothing, too.


  1. Choose your theme. Are you going to be completely black? Are you going to be hipster? Preppy? It all depends what you want to do. If you want to use your own clothes, then pick out all the darkness you can! However dark blues and purples are convenient too~. If you want to, you can buy clothing too.Fishnet.jpg
  2. Choose your final outfit, and if you wish to, stuff your older, brighter clothing into a bag. It is recomended you do this only if you're going full light-goth and the older clothes drift away from your theme. Wear shirts with logos on them, band names and anything you think looks good.Goth.png
  3. Makeup. Now, this is not necessary at all! Since its LIGHT goth you're going for, it isn't against the law not to wear any. A light goth would probably wear dark blue or grey, or even white eye shadow. Perhaps no lipstick, but if you want to, red or pink is great.Makeupsenpai.jpg
  4. Listen to music. You should also try emo music, other than goth. Some suggestions are Get Scared, The Cure, The Cult and Blacklisted Me.20150121_221835%201.jpg
  5. Hairstyles aren't so serious. If you want to, dip dye your hair black or dark blue or get highlights. It's not urgent, and it's not absolutely against the law not to do it.150121_222603%202.png
  6. You're about done! If you want to develop a darker personality, then that's okay.



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