How to Dress Like a Model

Do you daydream about dressing like some of those people you see on the catwalk and in magazines? Well, you can dress like them, and add your own touch of style, too.


  1. Find inspiration. Find someone to inspire you. You don't want to be exactly like one certain model, but using a specific model (or models) is a great way to get inspiration and develop a style plate for your own wardrobe.
    • Go to public runways. Around fashion week there is sometimes a public runway, so everybody can see the newest trends. There you can see how the models look like in real life, as well as what is trendy.
  2. Be bold! Being a model isn't always about following the trends, it's about showing off what you think looks good, and hopefully inspiring others (making you a trend setter).Outfit!.jpg
  3. Determine your budget. While having a large budget is nice, it's not necessary to look like a model. Often times, you can find unique/nice clothes at regular department stores, or even thrift shops.
    • If you have a large fashion budget, you can just buy whatever your adopted model wears. Most magazines will mention to the smallest detail the brands and prices of the clothes a given model is wearing. Don't be afraid to experiment with different mixed-model looks, too.
    • If your budget is smaller, don't despair! Observe the clothes that your inspiration wears. Note the colors and the combination. Then go to a department store or thrift store and use your notes to buy something similar to your model's look. In addition to this being an economical way to shop, thrift shops and consignment stores open up a whole new world when it comes to a unique and fresh style that can be fashionable and totally yours.
  4. <b>Be Healthy! <b> Looking great will help add to your model appearance. However, remember, that you don't need to be a size zero to Look Beautiful. Simply take care of yourself. Hit the gym two or three times a week. Eat healthily. Take Care of Your Skin and Hair, and drink plenty of water.
  5. <b>Build Self Confidence. </b> This is a crucial step when dressing like a Model. It's important to know that you look and feel good in what you are wearing, whether it's high-end fashion or a bargain bin find; if you feel you look great in it, then you will look great.
  6. <b>Do your make-up appropriately. </b> Remember that the purpose of makeup isn't to cover up your "bad spots," it's to enhance your beautiful ones. To "look like a model", you don't have to wear a ton of make-up.
    • Some light blush and some mascara on the top lashes usually gives you a clean, natural look. It looks classy to not pile make-up on your face. Look like you have natural beauty.
  7. Take care of your skin. Try to keep your skin clear and clean. Washing your face regularly helps more than anything. You should also drink lots of water and avoid picking at pimples. A little concealer helps if you have a blemish or two, but try not to pile on the makeup, as it can cause breakouts.
  8. Choose the right size when you shop. Don't buy pieces just because you like them. In addition to being uncomfortable, ill fitting clothes are generally unflattering and will make you look unkempt rather than classy. Wear%20the%20right%20Step%201.jpg


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