How to Dress Like a Modern Flapper

Dress%20Like%20Modern%20Flapper%20Intro.jpgYou've always wanted to dress like one of those cool flapper girls from the 1920s, but you want to be modern at the same time, help is on the way!


  1. Get the hair. Your hair is definitely not the most important part in becoming a modern flapper girl. Since you want to be modern you can put random streaks of color in your hair, bleach some sections, do whatever you please! You can leave it your natural color also you have endless choices!
  2. Get the makeup. Since you want to stay modern you can use pastels and basically any color you want. Just try not to go overboard with the eyeliner. Ex: You can get an evening skin tone powder, throw on some bright pink blush, and go for blue eye shadow and a magenta lip color. Again your choices are endless!
  3. Get the clothes. You've probably seen flapper girls wear a lot of sequins, you do want to incorporate that into your style but not too much. You do want to include a lot of dresses and funky jeans with patterns and sequin patches and such. Also rip your own jeans. You do want to incorporate a lot of tank tops and layers into your style.
  4. Get the accessories. You should have lots and lots of headbands! Make your own headbands and such by adding feathers and beads. Don't forget the long faux pearl necklaces!


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