How to Dress Like a Powder Ganger

Powder Gangers are notorious villains. They are escaped convicts of the NCRCF in Fallout: New Vegas. They are also pretty fun to cosplay. This article will tell you how to dress like one.


  1. Get a light-blue button-up shirt. Roll the sleeves up. Use some black clothing paint or other black medium suitable for use on fabric to form the letters 'NCRCF' boldly on the back of th shirt.
  2. Get a pair of old, used slacks. You will need to modify them with clothing paint. Apply yellow clothing paint or paint on fabric dye on the sides of the legs to make vertical stripes (one stripe on each leg).
  3. Get a blue jacket. Just a plain, light jacket. With white clothing paint or any colouring medium suitable for use on clothing, form the letters 'NCRCF' on the back. Tie the jacket around your waist like a kilt.
  4. Get some black boots. Any kind will suffice.
  5. Get a pair of goggles and a helmet. Again, any kind will do, perhaps a horse riding helmet or your cycle helmet? As for the goggle, it's not specific, try swimming goggles or safety goggles if you wish.
  6. Done! Everyone will know you are a 'Powder Ganger'.



Things You'll Need

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