How to Dress Like a Proper Lady

Ever wondered how to dress like a lady but never established doing it your self?Well as always I'm here to help you dress!


  1. Well first of all no lady i know has ever worn a mini skirt. A proper lady usually only wears skirts that go up to her knees.Going higher may show to much skin and ladies don't do that.
  2. If you want to wear shorts make shore there not to tight or short. Make them got to at least a bit lower from where your crouch cuts down
  3. When you wear a shirt it shouldn't go over your tummy. And before you try Crop tops do not look good on a lady.It isn't very appealing to any man if it is that just means he doesn't want a lady.
  4. Shoes are very important to a lady. Shoes really bring a mixed colored co-ordinated outfit together.Don't forget for winter you should wear boots,spring is high heels,Summer is healed sandals,and fall is cute sneakers.



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