How to Dress Like a Raider from Fallout

Raiders are one of the most irritating enemies of the Fallout series. But whether it's for cosplay, fun, or you're just bored, this article will teach you how to dress like one.


  1. Wear tops. Appropriate tops would be tank tops, torn t-shirts, undershirts, etc. Try to use dark colors. You can use any kind of torn/shredded shirts.
  2. Wear ripped shorts or kilts. The raiders never let pants stay in good condition.
  3. For footwear, boots and running shoes work best. You can wear anything except sandals/flip flops, though. It is recommended using old grunge shoes.
  4. Spike, dye, or even shave half of your hair, you can do anything. Raiders hardly care how good their hair looks, as long as it's menacing. You can get a new hair style, if you want.
  5. Accessories. Wear studded, well, anything. Wear anything that tickles your fancy. An eye patch, piercings, tattoo sleeves, whatever you want.


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