How to Dress Like a Rapidash

The time is nearing. Whether it be Halloween or the next cosplay convention, you have decided that you're dressing as the Fire-type Pokemon Rapidash. So, how exactly can you create a Rapidash costume? Read on to find out.



  1. Rub some pastel yellow facepaint on your face and neck.  
  2. Put black eyeliner and mascara on your eye.
  3. Rub some orange and red eyeshadow carefully on your eyelid.
  4. Sprinkle some makeup glitter on your eyelid.


  1. Put on a hair net. Then secure an orange and red wig on your head. You could also use hair dye or hair spray paint.
  2. For a tail secure an orange and red strips of synthetic hair to an elastic waistband using superglue.


  1. For the third and final part take a roll of pastel yellow paper and glue to a headband to make a horn. For more effect you could use red contacts and\or orange and red jewelry.


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