How to Dress Like a Rich Person

Dressing in this particular style will help you to look clean, classy and ready for any occasion, no matter what the formality!


    • White teeth and good breath is a MUST MUST AND MUST!
    This is so important it cannot be stressed more. Make sure to brush your teeth with whitening toothpaste three times a day - once in the morning, once after lunch, and once before bed, and rinse with mouthwash. Use dental floss to remove food from your teeth and either chew mint gum/ take a breath mint/use breath spray at regular intervals.
  2. Shower EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail! Once is okay, but ensure to shower twice if you don't smell amazing. After showering, rub on some moisturizer.
  3. Invest in deodorant (not Nivea, Dove e.g - these smell cheap), and perfume (likewise, no cheap fragrances)
  4. Wax or shave your legs and armpits. Also wax or shave arms, hands, fingers, toes and feet if you have dark hair and/or a lot of hair there.
  5. Make sure to remove ALL facial hair. WITHOUT FAIL.
  6. HAIR
    • Make sure hair is ALWAYS tangle free.
    Brush it throughout, unless you have curly hair, in which case DO NOT brush, but comb with a comb that is specialised to your hair type.
  7. Do not dye your hair an unnatural colour
  8. Curling, straightening and waving is acceptable, but try to avoid crimping or flat-ironing
  9. Keep hair shorter than waist-length
  10. Use a product to keep frizz away, as frizz looks very untidy and messy (John Frieda Frizz Ease is a brilliant spray/Aussie Frizz Miracle shampoo and conditioner are great)
    • Blemishes come first.
    Rid yourself of these BEFORE you apply your makeup. There are so many different ways to naturally remove pimples and spots - try facemasks, blemish-sticks, and natural remedies like rubbing cinnamon and honey into a paste and applying to your face
  12. Once your skin is more or less blemish-free, apply your foundation (MAKE SURE THIS IS AN EXACT MATCH TO YOUR SKIN) and concealer
  13. Add black mascara; a little eyeliner is optional but should be precise
  14. A little eye-colour enhancing or smokey-eye-creating eyeshadow is okay, but go easy on it and avoid glitter shadows
  15. A slick of pink tinted lipgloss to finish
  16. If you are going out, add red lipstick - ENSURE TEETH ARE WHITE or the red lipstick will just make them look more yellow.
  17. Make sure your eyebrows are neat. Size does not necessarily matter, but avoid stencilling them in, and especially avoid stencilling or plucking into the sperm-cell eyebrow shape
    • Get yourself three pairs of jeans:
    skinny medium-wash, skinny black, and skinny dark wash. Make sure that these jeans fit you perfectly on the legs and waist. Avoid light denim and 'mom jeans'
  19. Now invest in three types of white blouse: a blouse that buttons right up to the neck, a pussycat-bow/ruffle-collar blouse, a floaty semi-sheer white blouse (wear WHITE underneath), and a crisp open-neck Oxford.
  20. Get some dresses. They should be mid-thigh at the shortest, and black, white, any other block colour, or patterned in flowers, stripes or similar, NEVER leopard print and avoid polka dots
  21. Buy some 'semi-smart' t-shirts. Boxy t-shirts are good. Grey and coral are especially good.
  22. Buy some cable-knit jumpers in different colours
  23. Get a plain grey sweatshirt or two
    • Invest in a good handbag!
    This shouldn't be too big or small but in between, and should be able to sit in the crook of your arm. Black leather is one of the best choices. No slouchy bags, no tassles, - nothing but clean cut simple lines and designs! Try Givenchy, Michael Kors, DKNY and CĂ©line. Longchamp also have very nice, versatile bags. Check them out.
  26. ^ NOW GOOGLE THE 'CHLOE PADINGTON BAG'. This is a prime example of the type of bag that you should NOT be going for.
  27. Also invest in a good gold watch...nothing too glitzy, too avoid looking tacky. Try Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs, and if you really want to splash the cash, try Rolex or Cartier.
  28. If you really don't want a big gold watch on your wrist a watch on a leather strap can look timeless and elegant. Try Rotary or Cartier.
  29. Build up an earring collection - think gold studs, diamond droplets e.g. Don't buy big hoops or tribal-pendant earrings!
  30. A smile is the best accessory , so remember to keep your teeth white!
  31. Your nails should be CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN, not too long and not too short. Do not bite/neglect them. Ideal nail polish colours are white, black, or clear.
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