How to Dress Like a Romantic Gothic Vampire for Halloween

The whole "Count Dracula" look for Halloween is overused. You don't have to necessarily dress up like a vampire from PartyCity to pull off the vampire look, so here's a twist to the vampire look.


  1. Maintain a clear canvas for your face. Wash your face and apply a base cream to your face, so your foundation and concealer don't melt. If any men are looking to do this look, wash your face after shaving, vampires don't have facial hair.Dress%20Like%20a%20Romantic%20Gothic%20Vampire%20for%20Halloween%20Step%201.jpg
  2. Start applying foundation. Select a foundation shade that is really light, but try to avoid using white. White foundation looks too doll like, and you don't want to look like a freak. If you are dark skinned, that's okay; there are colored vampires! But if you are using the foundation, then apply double the amount you usually use.Dress%20Like%20a%20Romantic%20Gothic%20Vampire%20for%20Halloween%20Step%202.jpg
    • If any flaws are peaking through the foundation, erase it. Choose a concealer, that is slightly lighter than the foundation, and erase any marks peaking through. Don't erase dark circles though! Vampires do not sleep, so you wanna preserve as much dark circle as your can.Dress%20Like%20a%20Romantic%20Gothic%20Vampire%20for%20Halloween%20Step%202Bullet1.jpg
  3. Set the foundation. Use a light powder and apply that to your face to set everything in.Dress%20Like%20a%20Romantic%20Gothic%20Vampire%20for%20Halloween%20Step%203.jpg
  4. Elevate your high points! You're not dead, but you should look dead. Apply a light eyeshadow to your high points, meaning your nose bridge and cheek bones. This makes them appear higherDress%20Like%20a%20Romantic%20Gothic%20Vampire%20for%20Halloween%20Step%204.jpg
  5. Draw your brows. If you are a guy, and you are happy with your full brows, you can skip this step. But if you still want to make your eyebrows appear romantic, apply a grey eyeshadow as a base for your brows and fill them in with a brow pencil, preferably brown. Make your eyebrows arched, and don't worry if your brows don't look identical. Eyebrows = siblings, not twins.Dress%20Like%20a%20Romantic%20Gothic%20Vampire%20for%20Halloween%20Step%205.jpg
  6. Apply eyeshadow. Prepare your eyeshadow with a primer to make your colors appear vibrant and to avoid creasing in your lids.Dress%20Like%20a%20Romantic%20Gothic%20Vampire%20for%20Halloween%20Step%206.jpg
    • Apply a purple shade to your eyes. Blend out the shade into your eyelids and deep in the socket, and girls, feel free to flick the corners to make a sexy cat eye. Bring down the purple to your lower lashline to create the illusion of dark circles.
    • Apply a brown shade to your eyes and follow the same procedure as the purple making sure the purple is still peaking through. This darkens your foundation. Bring it down to your dark circle areas again and again make sure the purple is peaking through.
    • Apply a black shade to your eyes making sure the first two colors are peaking through.
  7. Apply eyeliner. Line your eyes from the inner lines with a black eyeliner. Don't worry if it gets messy, we'll be blending it out later. For guys you can feel free to make your eyeliner look messy and for girls, you can either wing, cat-eye, or leave the liner smudged.Dress%20Like%20a%20Romantic%20Gothic%20Vampire%20for%20Halloween%20Step%207.jpg
    • Smudge the eyeliner out around your eyes and style it how you want, and for any stray marks, use a Q-tip and twist to remove.
    • After smudging, grab a filbert brush and blur out your lower eyeliner to create the Gothic feel.
    • You are done with the eyes, so grab a fan brush or a filbert brush and sweep away any fallouts. And from this point to the final few steps, guys can choose to be done.
  8. Curl your lashes sky high to open up your eyes a little. If desired, apply a generous coat of mascara to make the look beautiful.Dress%20Like%20a%20Romantic%20Gothic%20Vampire%20for%20Halloween%20Step%208.jpg
  9. Apply blush. Using a wine colored blush, apply that to your cheek hollows.Dress%20Like%20a%20Romantic%20Gothic%20Vampire%20for%20Halloween%20Step%209.jpg
  10. Apply lipstick. Using a red or black cherry colored lipstick, really accentuate your Cupid's Bow and apply it on your lips using a brush to avoid any stray marks.Dress%20Like%20a%20Romantic%20Gothic%20Vampire%20for%20Halloween%20Step%2010.jpg
    • From here, you can choose to use lip gloss to shine your lips.Dress%20Like%20a%20Romantic%20Gothic%20Vampire%20for%20Halloween%20Step%2010Bullet1.jpg
  11. Try wearing fangs from Halloween stores on your incisors using denture adhesive cream to stick it on. Just press it on to your tooth for roughly 2-3 minutes.Dress%20Like%20a%20Romantic%20Gothic%20Vampire%20for%20Halloween%20Step%2011.jpg
    • Guys can choose to go for the bangs standing up look. You can feel free to use to gel, mousse, wax or just blow dry your hair this way.Dress%20Like%20a%20Romantic%20Gothic%20Vampire%20for%20Halloween%20Step%2011Bullet1.jpg
    • Fake blood around the corners of your mouth make for a really gruesome effect.Dress%20Like%20a%20Romantic%20Gothic%20Vampire%20for%20Halloween%20Step%2011Bullet2.jpg
    • Dressing in all black and very sophisticated makes you look really romantic. If you want to wear a white shirt, try smudging your collar with fake blood to make it look like you just had your meal.Dress%20Like%20a%20Romantic%20Gothic%20Vampire%20for%20Halloween%20Step%2011Bullet3.jpg
    • Contacts! Wear red, black, gold, blue, green, or dead white contacts.Dress%20Like%20a%20Romantic%20Gothic%20Vampire%20for%20Halloween%20Step%2011Bullet4.jpg



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