How to Dress Like a Softball Player

Softball is an exciting sport that does require special uniforms for game days. Whether you're new to the sport or just looking for a great costume for a party, dressing like a softball player isn't too complicated. Pick up your jersey, knee-high socks, cleats, and special softball pants, and you're set!


  1. Most people consider softball players to be ultra masculine (as if that's a bad thing) and casual in their dress. But that is not true! You can look great and be a softball player!
  2. Your Hair. Truth be told, you can wear it however you want, but most recommended is a high ponytail, and thin, colored headbands. Straight or loose waves is best. These headbands should in some way match your clothes! But if you are simply wearing white and/or, only your team color(s) should be worn. Also, French braids are really popular among softball players. Get a teammate to help you!
  3. Your Torso. Layer tank tops underneath in coordinating colors and if you want, throw on a semi-fitted (not very very form fitting! You aren't wearing things you can't play in, remember!) t-shirt, maybe one with your team's name on it, a college team you favor, a softball slogan, or a tournament shirt, or even a cute one. A popular thing to do is to cinch the sleeves up with a rubber band, it looks very cute and shows off your arms in a flattering way. But wear what you like! When it's cold or you need another layer, a blank hoodie, one made by Hollister, PacSun, or A&F, a brightly designed one (only if you are ready to get it dirty though! Remember, mindset!) or a stylish athletic jacket such as Under Armour, Adidas, or North Face would look great. Also, you can wear a sports bra or a regular, but a sports is much better if you are actually doing something.
  4. Your Legs. Normally sliding shorts are worn under everything for obvious reasons, but if this is an off day, I recommend wearing biking shorts underneath, they keep your thighs warm, give a little modesty under your regular shorts, and don't look half bad! Recommended in black only. Your shorts can be whatever color you like! Go crazy, but keep it relevant to your outfit. When you want to wear pants, slim fitting fleece bottoms look good or those smooth basketball-esque warm-up pants are excellent. Jeans can be worn, but they must be distressed, and either skinny, or a not very tight boot cut.
  5. Your Kicks. Wear whatever colored socks you like (black looks best though, to match your biking shorts) and grab a pair of black Adidas (or whatever brand) sliders. The reason for this trend is it relaxes your feet after wearing tight cleats all day pounding on that dirt field. And that can take a big toll as compared to playing in grass! If you do not want to wear these, I recommend a pair of Converses with arch supports, or a plain pair (not the puffy looking ones) of sneakers. Vans and skater shoes look good too. You can even wear Nike dunks or 6.0s. But be sure that some form of arch support is there, don't want you pulling your arch when you're running around the bases!
  6. Accessories. A drawstring bag, preferably a brand such as Nike or Under Armour, a water bottle, a bandanna, and your softball sunglasses (a pair of sports glasses), designer sunglasses (for everyday use), a small tube of lotion, Mp3 player and ear buds. Basically all your necessities and whatever else you may need!
  7. Your Physique. Most softball players have very strong torsos, arms, backs, and thighs mainly due to the power needed in hitting and defense, flaunt them! You earned them!



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