How to Dress Like a Spy

Trench coats, trousers and polo's are played out, Mr. Bond. People might identify you in a flash. Anyone can dress is dark colors and sneak around, but if you want to be truly inconspicuous during the bright morning hours, read after the jump.


  1. First, look in the mirror and check your appearance. Your face should be clear of any pimples. Faces that have pimples and blackheads will draw more attention. If there is no time to get rid of the pimples and you're not willing to pop them, then apply concealer. If you have red hair, dye your hair using a dye that will wash out later. If you are blonde, you should either tie up your hair and put on a hat to hide it, or use a brown washable dye.
  2. After that, look at your face to find your complexion. If you have a creamy complexion, use a self-tanner two times before you begin your mission. If you have a shiny complexion, use powder to dull it. If you have a bland complexion then you are fine.
  3. Choose appropriate clothing. Before you go out on your mission, try to find out what everyone is wearing, and wear that. For example, if everyone wears skinny jeans, a Spongebob t-shirt, and Uggs, then you have to wear that too. You must be able to blend in and look as normal as possible. If you are doing this at night, then do not wear black because it will outline your figure and make you more noticeable. Instead, wear clothes that have white, dark green, blue, and gray.
  4. Have the right shoes. Red ballet flats, black biker boots, black high-heels and black skating shoes. Black is an acceptable color for shoes to be if you are dressing as a spy. However, you should make sure that the shoes go well with the rest of your outfit.
  5. Have a purse or bag to carry your spy gear. A navy blue tote, coral-colored hobo bag or a beige, over sized sling-shoulder bag. Find a bag that has logos and pictures of peace signs to make it look less suspicious.
  6. Have the right attitude. Try to act cool and auspicious.



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