How to Dress Like a Tramp

Maybe you have a play coming up and you have been lucky enough to land the part of the tramp, or maybe you are trying to be individual or start a new trend, whatever reason you have, here is a guide to dressing like a tramp.


  1. Wear scruffy clothes. Go to a charity shop for cheap clothes, you may be in luck and there may already be some ripped and dirty clothes in there. However most charity shops would not accept these sorts of clothes or would wash them before hand.
  2. After you have bought your clothes, rip them. This will help with the 'tramp-y effect'.
  3. Mess up your hair. Back-combing is a good effect, take a piece of hair and brush towards your scalp to achieve the effect. Don't wash your hair or put substances such as food, dirt or anything that makes hair look dirty onto it, but make sure to wash it afterwards.
  4. Don't wear any shoes. If you have to wear shoes, wear old, holey shoes, or mismatched flip-flops. Make them look scuffed and dirty. Or even just one shoe.
  5. Give the clothes an unwashed appearance. Smear a little dirt on them. You can spill tea, food and dirt over them to add to your effect.


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