How to Dress Like a Volleyball Player

Dress%20Like%20a%20Volleyball%20Player%20Intro.jpgSo you play volleyball, and you want to dress like one day to day, read on.


  1. Hair: Put your hair up into a ponytail or a messy bun and wear a headband. A lot of people wear little skinny ones or pre-wrap. Another cute things is tie big ribbon bows in your ponytail. I wouldn't suggest the soft headbands that you pull up because those slip off during a game and can be a lot of trouble.
  2. Makeup: Wear some foundation and mascara and maybe some chap stick or lipstick. Don't wear too much makeup, you want to look sporty and natural.
  3. Accessories: Most leagues prohibit any jewelry, and even when playing just for fun dangling earrings are a bad idea. If you want to wear jewelry a braided beachy choker necklace is cool, and when you are playing for fun stud earrings are fine.
  4. Tops: Some good ideas are shirts or sweatshirts from your team, from tournaments and sports teams that you like. Or just a plain t-shirt. You probably wont want a shirt that is too tight because they are harder to move around in.
  5. Bottoms: In the summer, wear Nike shorts or loose short boxer-like shorts with our spankies underneath. In the winter we usually wear sweatpants with spandex underneath, or if you plan on doing a vigorous game, shorts with spandex is good. But bring along sweats or jeans for after the game if its cold.
  6. Shoes: For shoes, wear tennis shoes, or some other kind of sport shoe, for beach volleyball its always fun to just go barefoot.


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