How to Dress Like a Whovian

Are you a Whovian? Are you looking for more ways to showcase your love for Doctor Who? Wearing clothes and accessories inspired by the character in Doctor Who will help you earn credibility and identify yourself to other Whovians.


Dress like the Doctor

  1. Wear a bow tie. Preferably red/burgundy or navy, if going for the eleventh doctor look.
  2. Put on a simple, light-colored, shirt. The 11th doctor is shown wearing a light blue, a white, and a red/brownish button-up shirt. If you do buy a button-up, make sure your collar isn't folded. Tenth doctor is seen wearing white and gray button ups with loose collars. Ninth doctor is seen wearing either a black or green high V-necked t-shirts.
  3. Buy skinny jeans. 11th doctor is seen wearing black dress pants. The tenth doctor is seen wearing pants that match whatever color suit he's wearing, whether it be blue or black or brown. The ninth doctor is shown wearing looser black or dark brown pants.
  4. Visit a charity store or thrift shop and buy a tweed jacket. 11th doctor wears a tweed jacket. Tenth doctor wears a suit coat. Ninth doctor wears a black leather jacket.

Dress like a Tardis

  1. Wear a pair of blue pants. Jeans will work, but pastel blue is preferred.
  2. Get a white shirt. Avoid ones with stains.
  3. Put on a blue hat. Blue fedoras aren't exactly in style, but a blue baseball cap or beanie is always in style, and works in our case.
  4. Use other accessories that are blue and white. For girls-blue and/or white shoes, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, anklets, and nail polish all work. For guys- blue and/or white socks, bracelets(like sweatbands or male cuffs), and if you carry a backpack or briefcase, you can buy/paint it blue(if allowed in the setting).

Dress like a Dalek

  1. Wear bronze-colored and shiny clothing. Girls-metallic bronze leggings and shirts work here. black heels and shoes are allowed, but if you can paint them with bronze that's a plus. Guys-see if you can't buy white t-shirt and pants and paint them bronze with paint from Joann's or Michaels/any other craft stores.
  2. Accessorize by using silver beads. Studded cuffs and silver mardi gras beads work perfectly fine.
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