How to Dress Like an 80's Rocker

Whether you're planning your next Halloween costume or attending an 80's themed party, the 80's rocker is a classic costume idea which is sure to get you noticed! Aside from making awesome music, 80's rockers are remembered for their tight clothing, big hair and over-the-top accessorizing. Dressing like an 80's rocker is super fun and easy to achieve, so let's get started!


Find Your Inspiration

  1. Check out some rock bands from the 80's. Examine how therockers dressed in that era. Look at videos, photographs, etc. Make sure they date to the 80's.Dress%20Like%20an%2080's%20Rocker%20Step%201.jpg
    • Some suggestions are: Europe, Bruce Springsteen, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, Judas Priest, Guns n' Roses, Rod Stewart, Van Halen, AC/DC, Ratt, Poison, Metallica, Thompson Twins, U2, INXS, Iron Maiden, Skid Row.
  2. Decide if you want to go with more of a hard rocker, a hair band rocker, a metal rocker or a pop rocker look. Women can also look at influential female musicians of the day such as Cyndi Lauper, Lita Ford and Madonna.Dress%20Like%20an%2080's%20Rocker%20Step%202.jpg

80's Rocker Clothing

  1. Wear tight pants. Black leather and stonewashed denim were favored by 80's rockers.Dress%20Like%20an%2080's%20Rocker%20Step%203.jpg
  2. Wear a sleeveless shirt. Try cutting the sleeves off a plain black or white tee, or find a T-shirt with an 80's band logo on it for an authentic flair.Dress%20Like%20an%2080's%20Rocker%20Step%204.jpg
  3. Wear a jacket. Again, black leather and stonewashed denim were popular. The jacket can be sleeved or sleeveless, but should be left open so you can see your T-shirt underneath. A fringed or studded jacket will complement the 80's vibe.Dress%20Like%20an%2080's%20Rocker%20Step%205.jpg

80's Rocker Hairstyles

  1. Make your hair BIG. The bigger the better. Backcomb the hair, then set with hairspray for ultimate volume.Dress%20Like%20an%2080's%20Rocker%20Step%206.jpg
  2. Buy a wig. If your hair's not long enough to backcomb then invest in a long-haired wig. Guys should aim for a mullet-style wig for ultimate 80's rocker style.Dress%20Like%20an%2080's%20Rocker%20Step%207.jpg
  3. Wear hair down. Once you have backcombed your hair or wig, leave it loose. It should be messy, sticky and untamed. All the better to headbang with.Dress%20Like%20an%2080's%20Rocker%20Step%208.jpg

80's Rocker Make-Up

  1. Wear bright eyeshadow. Think color when it comes to eyeshadow. Pinks, blues and purples were popular. And don't be afraid to color outside the lines.Dress%20Like%20an%2080's%20Rocker%20Step%209.jpg
  2. Apply heavy eyeliner. Wear thick black eyeliner on both your top and bottom lids. Draw cat eyes or smudge it a little for a real rocker finish.Dress%20Like%20an%2080's%20Rocker%20Step%2010.jpg
  3. Rouge your cheeks. Apply rouge heavily and visibly. Accentuate those cheekbones.Dress%20Like%20an%2080's%20Rocker%20Step%2011.jpg

80's Rocker Accessories

  1. Bangles and Bracelets. Pile on the bangles or bracelets, the more the merrier. If they are of the leather or studded variety, all the better.Dress%20Like%20an%2080's%20Rocker%20Step%2012.jpg
  2. Fingerless Gloves. Another staple of the 80's rocker look, fingerless gloves in leather or lace are an easy accessory.Dress%20Like%20an%2080's%20Rocker%20Step%2013.jpg
  3. Scarves. Lightweight scarves are a versatile 80's rocker accessory and can be worn around the head, neck or waist.Dress%20Like%20an%2080's%20Rocker%20Step%2014.jpg

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