How to Dress Like an 80s Teenager

The 80s style for teenagers is relaxed yet bright, baggy yet toned. Whatever aspect of 80s clothing you like the most, you can pick and choose, mix and match until you have a style that suits you.


  1. Focus on neon clothing. Add brightness to your wardrobe with bright bracelets, tops, leggings or shoes.
  2. Wear denim. Denim was a popular trend in the 80s, so try skinny jeans and stonewash denim. Find a staple denim jacket to wear everywhere.
  3. Look fit. Exercise clothing was popular, so have leggings, baggy tops, sweat pants, leotards and trainers
  4. Take Inspiration from 80s movies. Watch a few classics from the 80s such as Pretty in Pink or To Gun. Copy your favourite character's style.
    • You might prefer TV shows from the times; check out videos online for possible shows.
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